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february 2016

The history of wine

The history of wine is a long and impactful one and started thousands of years ago.

In 2007 archaeologists discovered what they believe is the earliest winery in ancient Armenia in 4100BC. The ancient Egyptians also began making a wine-like substance from red grapes, they believed was the drink of the gods.

The Greeks were exposed to wine by the Phoenicians and wine became a symbol for trade, religion and health. They named a god in honour of wine: Dionysus. As the Greek city-states begin to rise in power, they colonized land around the Mediterranean.

The Romans also made wine their own, creating Bacchus, their own god of wine. Wine became a central part of their culture, just as the Greeks had done. They build upon the ancient Greek’s cultivation methods, so that the terroir was recognized and famous vintages were released.

The roots of wine in South Africa, can be traced back to Jan Van Riebeeck and the Dutch settlers of 1652. The first harvest and crushing was believed to have taken place in 1659. The wine industry has truly come a long way, since its humble beginnings.



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