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february 2016

The making of our Chardonnay

Upon arrival at the cellar, the hand-picked grapes undergo sorting by hand, this attention to detail ensures that we use only the highest quality berries.

The chosen grapes then pass through a destemmer-crusher, where the bunch stalks are removed and the berries are gently crushed to partially break them.

For our Chardonnay, the berries are pumped into a pneumatic press, where the juice is separated from the skins under low pressure. The juice is then pumped into a tank and chilled at 10 degrees Celsius for 2 days, so as to settle the solids from the liquid.

The clear juice is then racked, which is a process of separating the juice from the solid material to the tank for fermentation. The fermentation process includes adding natural and commercial yeasts at 13-15 degrees Celsius for two to four weeks.

In the next edition we will discover pre-blending, and the bottling and maturation process.




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R408 per half case

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Drinking in Autumn: The perfect wines to indulge in

the second collection of stories dedicated to  delicious autumn wines, an easter pairing, gifting ideas for easter, the making of our award-winning chardonnay and an update from the farm.

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