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january 2016

Raise A Glass To Summer With Delicious Wines

With summer in full swing and the festive season around the corner so the time for indulging in those crisp, refreshing white wines while gazing at the setting sun has come.

The idea of summer conjures up ideas of long walks on the beach, bright and colourful gardens full of life, and for us vintners, the calm before the storm – the looming harvest and an opportunity to once again create something truly special and unique. The cellar is abuzz with new energy, and just as a surgeon preps his tools prior to that lifesaving procedure, so we oil the cogs of our finely tuned machine.

Days on end are spent in the vineyards under the warm African sun ensuring that vineyard canopies are meticulously manicured so as ensure optimal and uniform ripeness, with developing bunches routinely sampled so as to ensure that nature’s evolution takes its desired course. It is a process that cannot be rushed, and so at the end of a long day there is nothing quite as rewarding as sitting back and watching the fruits of our labour flourish while sipping on a crisp, refreshing white wine, such as the Three Peaks Sauvignon Blanc, or a berry-licious Jean-Pierre Lunchtime Rosé.

Evenings spent outside with family and friends are cherished with great meals accompanied by an even greater wine, the Mount Vernon Chardonnay. A single vineyard Chardonnay that expresses the virtues or our unique terroir cooled on a daily basis by the southerly sea breezes that sweep across our vineyards, cooling fruit and vine alike.

Summer is time for family, friends, good food and great wine, and as the age old adage, life is too short to drink bad wine, Cheers!



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R420 per half case

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