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fire vineyard
january 2016

Cape Winelands fire damage

In mid-January, farm owners suffered serious losses, after the Simonsberg fires damaged orchards and vineyards just outside the Stellenbosch region.

Over 2000 hectares was destroyed when the fire broke out. Luckily no buildings or homes were damaged, as fire fighters battled the blaze over days. The tragic inferno was believed to have been started by arsonists.

Numerous fires have raged throughout the Cape region over the past months, as the weather has been exceptionally warm, with little to no rain. The Mt Vernon estate was luckily not directly affected by the blaze, even so we monitored the situation closely. Many of our neighbouring farms were however not so lucky and suffered serious financial losses.

The Mt Vernon team would like to commend all those who battled the blaze and would like to pay tribute to all the firefighters, who continue to do such incredible work.

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