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How to serve and store red wine

All wines should be stored away from direct sunlight and fluorescent fixtures.

With the correct storage, red wines have the potential to age and develop a heightened profile over the years. Red wines are happier at a higher temperature than white wines, which is why it’s ideal to store red wines in a cellar or top shelf of a cabinet.

When it comes to serving red wine, it should ideally be decanted before serving, so as to allow the wine to breathe while it warms up. Red wines also tend to develop sediment as they age, so by pouring it into a decanter the sediment should stay at the bottom of the bottle.

Many people also like to slightly chill their red wine, this is ideal for more light and fruity red wines that are delicious slightly chilled. Remember: the enemy of wine is abrupt temperature change.

In terms of serving red wine, large balloon glasses work best. These give the wine a large surface area to breathe while in the glass. Avoid using lead crystal glasses as wine leeches up the lead – especially decanters and other containers, which hold wine for longer periods of time.



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Drinking in Winter: The perfect wines to indulge in

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